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GPS receivers collect signals from satellites in view. They display the user's position, velocity/speed, and time, as needed for their marine, terrestrial, or aeronautical applications. Some display additional data, such as distance and bearing to selected waypoints or digital charts.

GPS is used to support land, sea and airborne navigation, surveying, Geophysical exploration, mapping and geodesy, vehicle location systems, and a wide variety of additional applications.

No. GPS time synchronization does not require an Internet connection. Internet connection is required to transfer data from device to server. It’s consume very small data in a month.

Smart Track devices are water-resistant, not waterproof. So unfortunately, they can't be submerged in water, but are able to withstand light moisture.

Yes, Smart Track devices work around every corner of the globe, as long as you have a compatible smart phone or tablet. Just you have to use local SIM card for data transfer. .

Each Smart Track device is individually placed in eco-friendly packaging box, and then shipped in an envelope.

Beyond the price of the Smart Track device, there are no other charges required for 1st year. The Smart Track app can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store..

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